Xiaolang Li Hoodie - Cardcaptor Sakura


Catching up on some old pictures, here's some construction pictures of a hoodie I made for this winter.  After doing Xiaolang's battle costume, I wanted to try a hoodie design based off it for more everyday wear.

The hoodie design is based off a pattern.  A slight change uses the black circle that's at the center of the battle outfit's front and turns that into pockets.  Then I went with an orange trim around the bottom to represent the belt.

Overall, things came out pretty well.  The main "mistake" was not fusing the moon on the back, so it's not super smooth (after washing, it's not as bad as in these pictures).  It's also a little long, so if I ever remake this one will need to bring it in a couple inches.

2017-12-22 Xiaolang Li Hoodie

Dec. 21, 2017, None

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