Gabumon Kigurumi
Digimon Adventure


Catching up on some old pictures, these are from 2017.  After making a Patamon Kigu for my wife, I figured I should make something for myself.  I really liked the idea of having Gabumon as a two-piece design, since he kinda a dinosaur that wears a fur coat.

Went with fleece for everything, but I guess I could always remake the top as fur if I wanted to.  But this is a kigu, so I think fleece is more appropriate.

In keeping with tradition, I tend to take lots of pictures in the beginning and towards the end of construction I forget to keep taking pictures!

I started with the top, basically taking a pattern for a hoodie and only using the sleeves, hood and the back.  Fleece applice's so well, it was prety easy to make the stripes and I love you can't see the seams at all.  A pair of ears attach to the hood.

Then it's designing the "egg" for the front chest.

I wasn't finding the right color yellow for the main body, so I thought I'd try dying it.  First time doing fabric dye, so a learning experience.  I thought I was first cut the pieces and then dye them.  Doing the stove-top method.  Unfortunatly, I must have streched the fabric when stiring things around, when I went to assemble the body the edges didn't line up any more and I could never get the legs to fit right.  Several months later I found the proper color yellow fleece and wound up re-making the body (though I did rip off the egg and just re-used it.


2017-01-07 Gabumon Kigurumi

Jan. 6, 2017, None

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