Vice Convention Chairman of Otakon Vegas 2016.    01


Elected Vice President of Otakorp, Inc.    09
Vice Convention Chairman of Otakon Vegas 2015.    01


Bought a farm and moved to Oregon.    11


Enjoyed teaching at Hackbright so much, left KIXEYE to join Hackbright as a full time instructor.    04
Started teaching one day a week at Hackbright Academy, a software engineering fellowship program for women.    02


Working on the next-generation social gaming platform for KIXEYE.    04


KIXEYE’s 3rd major title, War Commander, launches on Facebook.    09
Casual Collective rebrands itself as KIXEYE.    04
Launced Casual Collective’s Battle Pirates - First game on Facebook to feature syncronous combat.    03


Joined the Casual Collective as Director of Engineering.    12
Co-Authored and Presented a Lab session at Adobe MAX introducing Flash Platform Services.    10
Launched Adobe InMarket service, an online marketplace for selling and licensing AIR applications.    10
Worked with the Intel AppUp team to integrate the services offered by Intel & Adobe.    07


Launched the Flash Platform Game Technology Center on the Adobe Developer Connection site.    12
Part of a team that demoed a 3D streaming game prototype SNEAK at Adobe MAX.    10
Built a full-sized MAME-style arcade cabinet to take to conventions and show off games made on the Flash Platform.    06


Built automated server deployment system for Adobe Pacifica Private Beta.    08
Joined Adobe Systems as a Senior Systems Engineer to support a VoIP seed project (Pacifica).    02


Added QoS (bandwidth throttling) support to the Sputnik software.    08
eWireless uses Sputnik’s services to run the largest free wifi zone in Indiana.    07
Expanded Sputnik’s supported payment providers to include WorldPay.    04


Updated SputnikNet software’s PayPal support to include Website Payments (Standard & Pro) and Instant Payment Notification.    11
Launched the Sputnik Gateway 700, designed to support larger-scale networks.    07
Worked with DD-WRT, a popular open-source router firmware, to include the Sputnik Agent.    04
Launched SputnikNet Express, a zero-cost offering of the paid service with PlaceSite integration.    03


Moved to CA and joined Sputnik, Inc to work on their managed WiFi hotspot product.    10
As Director of Software Engineering and VoIP, Inc, grew development/IT team to 10 people.    06


Turned eGlobalPhone retail product into a Virtual Service Provider wholesale offering for the VoIP reseller market.    10
Built complete VoIP end-to-end onboarding service, including web-based signup, fullfillment     08
and automated hardware configuration.        
Started working at VoIP, Inc. in Cooper City, FL    03


Assisted in family-fun carpet store due to an illness in the family.    11


Supported Voyager's HA email system running over 15,000 users and 1,700 domains.    05
Developed network monitoring software at Voyager Enterprise Systems.    01


Developed a usage tracking system for Cidera's Video On Demand service.    12
Developed a web-based vehicle tracking system with integrated street and topological maps (before Google Maps was a thing).    10


Moved back to MD to work at Cidera, Inc.  Worked on internal OTS and CRM systems.    08
Promoted to Senior Manager of Information Systems for Onyx's parent company, Pacific Gateway Exchange.    04
Managed team of 9 employees and supported global offices in San Francisco, Dallas, Tokyo, UK and Germany.        
Rang in Y2K.  World didn't end.    01


Moved to CA to work at Onyx Networks.  Worked on internal systems to track customer orders, colocation, inventory and network elements.    09


Started working at Intermedia Business Internet (aka DIGEX) in the IS departement, working with Remedy, Oracle, Perl & Coldfusion.    03


Graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science.   12

Work Experience

Nick Avgerinos