Ice Cream Drop

Wild monkeys are on the loose and have invaded your Ice Cream Parlor!  They’ve stolen the ice cream and have starting throwing it from the ceiling.

Catch the falling scoops as fast as you can before the clock runs out!

Ice Cream Drop is the first game released under Axcella’s new Indie Game Development program and is free to play during the initial beta period while we collect feedback to improve the game.

This initial beta version is missing some things like sound effects and high score tracking, which will be added in upcoming releases.


Use the left and right arrow keys to move your tray holder.  Your tray holds five cones that can be used to catch falling scoops.  Catch a cherry to complete the cone.  The the scoops in your cone match the current “bonus” cone, you earn extra points.

Keep an eye on the clock and complete the required number of cones for the level before time runs out.  Missing a scoop will cause you to lose 5 seconds off your clock.

As you get to higher levels, you’ll be able to stack higher cones and get more flavor combinations!

Ice Cream Drop was available for download from the Adobe AIR Marketplace and the Intel AppUp client.

Deployment: Adobe AIR Marketplace, Intel App Up

Technology: ActionScript 3, Adobe AIR

In Development: 2010

Not Available