Daisuke Motomiya - Jacket from Digimon Adventure 02


So Bandai released the official version of Taichi's Googles from Digimon Adventure 01 and I had to have them.  I've done Tai's outfit from 01 as well as the school jacket and orange shirt from Tri.  Of course, at the start of Adventure 02, Tai gives his googles to Daisuke after his are broken.  Since I already had the googles, that means my next outfit needed to be Daisuke/Davis from Adventure 02!

This jacket was a whole new challenge and a lot of fun to make.  I originally tried to find a bomber-style jacket pattern to start from, but unfortunatly the fabric store was sold out of the only one I could find that seemed close.  I found a couple others online, but ultimately decided to just wing this one on my own.  My wife helped me make a bodice and I used the patterns from my Neku hoodie as a starting point.

First challenge was finding the right material.  I found some pleather in the upholstery section that came in all the right shades of blue, red and yellow.  I was a bit nervous using upholstry fabric as I wasn't sure it would lay like I would want.  I was also concerned with the type of satin stich I wanted to use to attach the fabric would cause tearing, but after a couple test strips that fear seemed unwarrented.

For the flames, I sketched them out by hand using a flexible curved ruler.  I did take a little shortcut here.  In looking at images of Daisuke's jacket, the flames dip down at points.  I was concerned with having puckers when I attached the red and blue fabrics, so I just attached them in a straight line and layed the yellow fabric on top.  After doing the jacket I'm a little more comfortable with running this stich through the machine so could probably do it without causing it to pucker now, but the end result is more than fine.

A teflon foot for the sewing machine made the satin stiches go at lot smoother.  If you don't have one, I did my test patterns by placing a piece of scotch tape on the bottom of the regular foot and that helped the pleather slide through the machine easier.

Since pins would poke a hole in the fabric that could still be visible, one challenge was making the entire jacket without using any pins!  You'll see prodigous use of blue painters tape to hold things together in some of the images.  :)

Attaching the fur collar was also fun, though if I had that part to do over again I'd extend it to come into the neckline a little further.  Necklines continue to be a challenge for me on many of the outfits I've made so far.

Daisuke Motomiya - Jacket from Digimon Adventure 02

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