Code Testing with Flask, unittest and PyQuery

March 22, 2014 in Debugging , Coding , Python


Over the last year I’ve been teaching programming.  The language of choice where i’ve been working is Python (which I had not used very much before going in).  Because of that, I’ve been making it a point to code as many of my personal projects as I can in the language.  Despite a long “love/hate” relationship over the first few months (python was my first language that uses syntactical whitespace), I’ve really grown to love it.

I’ve also become quite fond of the Flask framework for developing web applications.  I love its minimal approach to things, really getting out of the way of things that a web framework doesn’t need much business sticking its nose in.

Invasion of Ocean Beach


The US Navy invaded Ocean Beach on Wednesday and I actually took some time away from work long enough to go check it out.  It really was an impressive site to watch.  If you ever have a Hovercraft landing in your front yard, I recommend you go check it out!

Corrupted Time Machine backup on a ReadyNAS

May 26, 2012 in Debugging


A week or so ago I hit the quota limit for the Time Machine allotment on my ReadyNAS. Two machines back up to that volume, one was okay, but on the other I would get this every time OSX tried to start a backup...


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