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Cranberries Lyrics Generator

Now you too can make songs that sound just like they were authored by Delores O'Riordan!  The song on the right is an original masterpiece.

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How in the world does this help me channel my inner Cranberries so well? Through Markov chains!

The Python source code for this is available on GitHub.

Randomly Generated Lyrics

'Cause I knew, I'd lose you.
I didn't want to know.
And in the night, I could be helpless, I could see.
And it's going to carry on, that is what I do.

And now I tell you openly, you have to go?
I decided to leave, Walked out through the window again, But I'm in so deep.
I go my own sake.
I'm such a fool for you.

Need some time to find myself.
Dream to me.
I had, I knew, I'd lose you.
I need you.

I thought I would be?
"I need you." It wouldn't come out right.
And then I open up and see the future?
And it all into my mind.