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Cranberries Lyrics Generator

Now you too can make songs that sound just like they were authored by Delores O'Riordan!  The song on the right is an original masterpiece.

Did it just come out all wrong? Just reload to get another song.

How in the world does this help me channel my inner Cranberries so well? Through Markov chains!

The Python source code for this is available on GitHub.

Randomly Generated Lyrics

I remember all the losers now.
Don't do it, don't do it.
Do you have to go?
Does he really have to let it linger?

Lennon. What a sad and sorry and sickening sight.
I was wrong.
In the night we fight, I fled, you're right.
Ah, ah ah ah, ah...

I decided, decided, decided, decided.
I hope you'll find your way again.
I'm not around you.
"I love you." And he couldn't find the strength, To apologize, (-ogize, -ogize).

December 8th.
La... I want more impossible to ignore, Impossible to ignore.
T.V. movies on the living room armchair.
You're spinning me around, My feet are off the ground.