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Cranberries Lyrics Generator

Now you too can make songs that sound just like they were authored by Delores O'Riordan!  The song on the right is an original masterpiece.

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How in the world does this help me channel my inner Cranberries so well? Through Markov chains!

The Python source code for this is available on GitHub.

Randomly Generated Lyrics

A disappointment.
We're all the parents with sleepless nights, Sleepless nights.
I'd lose you.
To apologize, (-ogize, -ogize).

I feel I'm sinking, sinking without you.
Still can't recognize the way you wanted it Oh, I still do.
Just came out all wrong.
To all the kids with heroin eyes, Don't do it, don't do it.

Ah, la la la, la la da da da, but she had Mac Bride anyway.
But you're so selfish, You don't see What you're doing to me, Special to me, Dream to me.
But I know by now.
What a piteous thing, A hideous thing was tainted by the rest, But it won't be any harder, And I hope you'll find your way again.

You couldn't have done, You wouldn't have done the things you did then.
Mind the war child, We should mind the war child.
I don't want to love you.
It's the same old theme since nineteen-sixteen.