Axcella Consulting Services

Axcella, LLC is a consulting services company specializing in helping companies leverage the Internet, Open Source and other technologies to automate and enhance business operations.

Axcella consultants focus on using standard, reliable and scalable technologies to fit your needs.

We specialize in:

  • Coding (Python, Ruby, Javascript, Perl, ActionScript, ColdFusion)
  • Databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL)
  • DevOps CI/CD (Gitlab, Jenkins)
  • OS (Linux, macOS, FreeBSD)
  • Other technologies, such as Kubernetes, Docker, VoIP, LDAP and much more.
Make all the easy shots first and you won't have any hard ones.
Steve "The Miz" Mizerak

If you can figure out how to contact us to you can find out how we can improve your business.