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Taichi Yagami - Jacket from Digimon Adventure Tri

I've been so exicted for the 15th Anniversary of Digimon Adventure and to see the original digi-destined team in HD.

I had recently finished my cosplay of Taichi from season 1.  Once promotional images started to be released I knew wanted to make a go at the older version of Taichi as well.  I had never made a jacket before, so this would be a new challenge.


Having never made a jacket before, I needed to use a pattern.  Burda 6813 seemed to be a close match design wise.

I've used Burda patterns a couple times before and knew they can be challenging to figure out at times.  This was no different.  There were several challenge steps where it was hard to interpret the intention of the intructions.  A couple "leaps of faith" that everything will come out right are required!

I added a welt pocket to match the design of Tai's jacket.

The odd thing with this pattern is the liner only goes about halfway down the jacket, resulting in the inside having a fairly unfinished look.  I followed the directions as closely, but still see some room for improvement.  I'll probably go back and finish many of the edges with the serger.  I also would like to replace the liner with one that extends the length of the jacket.

Taichi Yagami - Jacket from Digimon Tri

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